Do Raccoons Make Nests in Trees?

Do Raccoons Make Nests in Trees

Although raccoons routinely make their dens inside people’s homes, under porches, and in sheds and garages, the creatures’ natural den sites are hollows in trees. Tree hollows make the perfect spot for a raccoon to rest up during the daytime, shelter in poor weather, and raise a family in safety.

Unfortunately, raccoons can be a nuisance in a residential setting. The creatures can cause damage to your property, present a danger to pets, overturn trash cans, and make a terrible din at night with the continual growling, chattering, and snarling sounds that they make, call us for professional raccoon removal Hamilton. Also, raccoons have a habit of creating communal latrine areas, presenting a health hazard to you, your family, and your pets.

So, how do you know if a raccoon has made a nest in one of your trees? (more…)

What Is Raccoon Control?

Raccoon control is the removal and prevention of the nuisance raccoon population in America. Raccoon control is a task that only should be handled by an expert. Laws pertaining to this industry differ state to state, some mandating extermination and others prohibiting it. In most cases, raccoon control is carried out by a company that specializes in the industry. They should have licenses and be insured to conduct their services. They should be experienced and have the proper certifications stating their qualifications. They should also use updated equipment and methods for the job. (more…)

Raccoons Passing Through My Property

Raccoons are cute to look at and their furry bodies and bandit-masked faces are a common sight in most suburban areas today. Thanks to the rapid expansion of human settlements, creatures like raccoons have no options but to adapt themselves to their new neighbors, and the intelligent creatures that they are, raccoons have made themselves at home in this new situation comfortably too. (more…)

How To Get Raccoons Out Of Your Chimney

There is no doubt that raccoons are adorable looking animals. But, what if they have invaded your house’s chimney? Generally, raccoons consider a chimney as a very safe place to bring up their babies. In that case, all you would want will be to throw them out as soon as possible before they start making trouble.But, how to get them out of your chimney? Here are some methods which are considered very practical if you need to make your chimney free of invading raccoons. (more…)

Humane Raccoon Removal Methods

Yes, raccoons can be quite the nuisance when they begin encroaching upon our spaces, not only causing damage to our homes while rummaging for food and looking for a place to stay and procreate, but even spreading disease, some of them quite dangerous.

However, this is no reason to warrant coldblooded action against these otherwise cute creatures who come close to humans settlements only in search of food. (more…)

How to Keep Raccoons Off Your Property

Call them Raccoons, spell them racoon, label them coons, or even address them by their scientific name Procyon Lotor, these mammals that are found all over North America may look cute and cuddly, but the truth is that they can be quite the nuisance.

The one reason they choose to be a nuisance, even invading your houses without a second thought is simple – Food.

Raccoons are one of the most enthusiastic creatures when it comes to filling their tummies and since they highly omnivorous, just like most humans, they have come to realize that the human species can be their best friends when it comes to food! (more…)

Danger of Raccoons

Raccoons are no doubt some of the cutest animals to walk the planet. Right from their innocent-looking masked faces up to their bushy tails, coons are sweet-looking creatures indeed. But that’s where the positives end.

Raccoons are not only pesky creatures, invading your privacy and creating havoc in your own home, but their intelligence also means that they will try and find a way out of any obstacles you may put up to keep them away.

So why are raccoons really a danger? After all, couldn’t they be treated like other pets we have in and around a human settlement. After all, not every animal needs to be tamed. They can simply live in harmony in the same neighborhood as ours too, right? (more…)

Most Costly Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are masters of survival. They will do anything to seek good shelter that provides protection from both harsh weather conditions and predators. Despite being known as forest dwellers, raccoons are forced to dwell on sub-urban communities nowadays in search for food. This is where the problem originates as they invade households and cause serious damage in the process. Driving raccoons out of your premise is easier said than done. Others even simply disregard their presence to avoid the hassle involved in raccoon removal. (more…)

How To Trap A Raccoon

Raccoons can be found throughout most parts of Ontario including Hamilton. They are highly intelligent, adaptive and cunning animals and hard to get rid of as well. Apart from property damages they might cause they pose a serious health risk as well since they transmit rabies and their feces are the ideal environment for disease. (more…)

How to Remove Raccoons From An Attic

It’s quite common to hear someone complain about raccoons in their attics. Attics provide good shelter for raccoons ;they are safe from predators and close to food – garbage and pet food. If you notice their presence, it’s important that you think of a way to get rid of them. Here are a number of methods you may try out; (more…)