How to Keep Raccoons Off Your Property

Call them Raccoons, spell them racoon, label them coons, or even address them by their scientific name Procyon Lotor, these mammals that are found all over North America may look cute and cuddly, but the truth is that they can be quite the nuisance.

The one reason they choose to be a nuisance, even invading your houses without a second thought is simple – Food.

Raccoons are one of the most enthusiastic creatures when it comes to filling their tummies and since they highly omnivorous, just like most humans, they have come to realize that the human species can be their best friends when it comes to food!

In the wild, these mammals have to dig deep into their survival instincts in order to simply remain alive, so you can only imagine the amount of trouble this masked animal has to go through to find food for itself.

Therefore, over the years, raccoons have found that invading a human’s house, and setting up base near human settlements, is the best way to remain alive (because other bigger animals stay away from such places) as well as find food.

After all, don’t we all know how careless we are with our food?

We leave our food in the open in our kitchens, sometimes even outside. Then there are those garbage bins, which are seldom locked down properly.

And of course there’s the food we leave for our pets. Raccoons are in fact well known to not even leave those bird feeders alone!

Therefore, the best solution to keep raccoons off your property is to make sure that there is no food available to them, in any form whatsoever.

Without the possibility of finding food, no raccoon would ever wish to make your home its own personal feeding ground!

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