Danger of Raccoons

Raccoons are no doubt some of the cutest animals to walk the planet. Right from their innocent-looking masked faces up to their bushy tails, coons are sweet-looking creatures indeed. But that’s where the positives end.

Raccoons are not only pesky creatures, invading your privacy and creating havoc in your own home, but their intelligence also means that they will try and find a way out of any obstacles you may put up to keep them away.

So why are raccoons really a danger? After all, couldn’t they be treated like other pets we have in and around a human settlement. After all, not every animal needs to be tamed. They can simply live in harmony in the same neighborhood as ours too, right?

Well, unfortunately, in spite of the cuteness factor of these mammals, raccoons pose real threats to human beings in several ways.

Apart from the physical injuries that are caused through the bites and scratches of raccoons, there are several other dangers too.

Here’s one – The danger of contracting Leptospirosis.

Brought on by the bacteria Leptospira, the Leptospirosis disease is caused when the bacteria that is sometimes present in the urine of raccoons, as well as other animals such as rats, enters the water that may be consumed by humans.

Swallowing infected water isn’t the only way this bacteria enters the body either. This dangerous bacteria can also enter the human body through the skin, nose, ears and eyes.

Your pet dogs are especially susceptible to this disease and may even die of it.

In the case of humans too, the effects range from headache and body ache to high fever. A serious attack could even cause permanent damage to the liver and the kidneys and affect their functioning.

The danger of raccoons, is therefore real.

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