How to Keep Raccoon Out of Your Trash

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. You wake up in the morning to discover that your trash cans have been upended, and the garbage is scattered all over your yard. The guilty party is most likely a raccoon.

Raccoons are curious, intelligent, and extremely dexterous creatures, capable of removing even the tightest of trash can lids. Although those qualities are enviable, these animals can be a real nuisance, and they do cause a lot of damage.

Here are our Magnificent Seven ideas on how you can keep raccoons out of your trash cans for good!

  1. Keep your trash cans clean

Raccoons empty trash cans when foraging for food. So, by cleaning and disinfecting your trash cans regularly, you can remove the odor of food together with any residue that may be clinging to the inside of the trash cans.

Use household bleach or ammonia to clean your trash cans, as raccoons find the smell of both these chemicals repellant.

  1. Put trash out in the morning

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals, which is why your trash cans are an overnight target. So, you can outwit these clever critters by getting up early on trash day to put your garbage out, rather than doing so the night before.

  1. Double-bag trash

Keep the pungent, tempting smells of trash contained inside the garbage can by double bagging your rubbish.

  1. Make your trash cans critter-proof

Upgrade your trash cans from regular models to a design that’s specifically constructed with a lockable lid to withstand attack by wildlife.

Use a length of bungee cord threaded through the trash can handles and strung across the lid to keep the it secure. Back that up by placing a heavy weight on top of the trash can to prevent it from being tipped over.

  1. Consider trash can placement

If raccoons can’t get access to your trash cans, they won’t be able to raid them. So, if you must store your trash cans outside your property, keep them in a secure trash bin store or fix them to your garage or home.

Put the trash cans on flat ground so that they cannot be overturned as easily.

  1. Use animal repellent

Animal repellent products that you can buy at your local DIY, gardening, or hardware store can be effective at keeping raccoons away from your trash cans. Repellents work by using a combination of taste and scent to deter wildlife from invading a particular area.

If you’re using a granular animal repellent, sprinkle the product liberally around your trash can storage area. Also, spray a liquid repellent directly onto your trash cans and trash bags.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and reapply the products regularly to maintain the full effect.

Electronic repellent devices can also be extremely effective in frightening away raccoons. These devices fire a rapid burst of sound, motion, and water when the sensor picks up a raccoon approaching, quickly sending the would-be thief packing.

  1. Light ‘em up!

Raccoons typically shy away from bright or sudden light, so put your trash cans near to a motion-activated security light or underneath a spotlight.

Try hanging a battery-operated string of flashing Christmas lights around your trash cans and leave them switched on all night. That makes a very effective yet simple deterrent to keep raccoons away.

Final thoughts

Raccoons can be a real pain when they get into the habit of emptying out your trash cans at night, but our helpful tips can help to keep these pesky critters at bay.

However, if raccoons are a persistent menace, causing disruption and damage around your property, you should contact a local firm of professional raccoon removal Hamilton specialists for advice.

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