How To Get Raccoons Out Of Your Chimney

There is no doubt that raccoons are adorable looking animals. But, what if they have invaded your house’s chimney? Generally, raccoons consider a chimney as a very safe place to bring up their babies. In that case, all you would want will be to throw them out as soon as possible before they start making trouble.But, how to get them out of your chimney? Here are some methods which are considered very practical if you need to make your chimney free of invading raccoons.

One of the easiest methods to drive the raccoons away is making loud noises and disturbing their home You can even try playing loud music through radio during the day and interrupt their daytime sleep. Tricks such as banging pots, clapping your hands or even yelling at the top of your voice can help at times.

Another option is to purchase a harmless raccoon repellent containing some predator urine or nontoxic chemicals. While spraying these raccoon repellents make sure to spray it at the base of the chimney so that its odour drives raccoons away .

You can also fix a chimney trap to catch the raccoons at the top. These traps will catch the raccoons when they try to exit the chimney. Just grab them safely and set them free. A chimney snare pole can also be used for this purpose if the animals are reachable.

Once you are successful in making your chimney free of raccoons, also make sure to stop them from returning in the future. For this, you can install a chimney cap on your house’s chimney. A chimney cap is a screen which is often fixed on the chimney top to keep critters away. You can install a chimney cap yourself or in case you are not sure about how to do it, just hire someone else to do it for you.

If you have raccoons in your chimney, it’s important to get them out safely and quickly. Contact us for expert raccoon removal hamilton.

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