How to Remove Raccoons From An Attic

It’s quite common to hear someone complain about raccoons in their attics. Attics provide good shelter for raccoons ;they are safe from predators and close to food – garbage and pet food. If you notice their presence, it’s important that you think of a way to get rid of them. Here are a number of methods you may try out;

Use of repellents will drive raccoons out of the attic. In fact, nothing works better than the smell of predator urine. You can buy raccoon repellent from the thousands of stores online or just from a local store that deals with bird supplies. Other than predator urine you can also hang rags soaked in ammonia – they work just as good.

Light up your attic with floodlights. Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures, they won’t stay as they like roaming in darkness. You can alternatively play loud music in the attic or set the radio to a talk-station that stays open throughout the night. The presence of human activity in the attic will scare aware the pests as they generally avoid human contact.

Trap the raccoons and relocate them to another area far away from your home (put a distance of 10 miles between the location you release the raccoons and nearby homes). The traps used in this process are designed specifically for raccoons and no other pests. Bait is put in the trap and a trigger-mechanism shuts the door if the bait is touched.

Hiring a pest control company should be your last resort. If you have tried any of the mentioned methods to no avail, then it’s time to call in the pros. They should be able to get job done quickly and effectively. Some even go a step further and recommend ways in which you can keep the pest out of your house. For raccoon removal and proofing in Hamilton call us: 647-977-5890

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