How To Raccoon Proof Your Trash Bins

To you trash is just trash, but it is a sumptuous meal for raccoons. Raccoons are strong animals; with a set of sharp teeth and strong jaws to tear away at your trash bin. These gifts make it hard to keep them away from your trash cans at night, leaving you a big mess of rubbish scattered all over the sidewalk or lawn to clean up in the morning. If you have ever dealt with this raccoon trouble, then you know that once a raccoon knows it can get a treat from your trash, it will come back with its friends and make a bigger mess, a hassle you do not want to deal with everyday.

Raccoons can be strong, but they are not as clever as they pose and there are a number of ways to keep them off your trash bin. These raccoon trash solutions need not be expensive and permanent; there are some easy ways out you can employ. The first and easiest step is to ensure your trash bin is made of an impervious material the raccoons cannot chew on like metal. Raccoons can easily eat at plastic bins and get to the trash. However, a metallic bin is not enough to keep these animals at bay; you need a good lid that locks in place, for the trashcan. The lid should have a clicking attachment, which when closed can resist the raccoon’s efforts of opening it.

You can also secure your trash can lid with a clamp or an already fitted locking system. However, if the two are not available, you can make use of a chain and padlock, luckily raccoons have not yet mastered the art of picking locks! You can also use a bungee cord to fasten the lid handle to the can handles.

The awful decomposition smell from your trashcan attracts raccoons; it is like a dinner bell to raccoons. Raccoons dislike strong smells, and as such you can spray the inside of the bin with ammonia, place ammonia laced pieces of cloth or lace the bin’s exterior with hot pepper sauce or a raccoon repellent product to help fight them off your trash. As a preventive measure, you can also spray other areas where these animals can access like your garage or yard, if that is where you keep your garbage can. Place your trash bins in an enclosed room like the garage, shed or basement. This way, these animals have no access to such enclosures and the trash as well, not unless you leave the doors open.

It requires some effort to rid your lawn off raccoons by ensuring that you seal all garbage cans tightly, fasten them tightly to a wooden or metallic stake to avoid tipping over and putting the cans up high where the raccoons cannot reach. Raccoons are nocturnal; hence putting the trash out in the morning would help. You can also add mesh wire at the bottom of your lawn fence to prevent them from digging through to your compound. These easy options will make your trash can raccoon proof. For raccoon removal and proofing  in Hamilton call us: 647-977-5890

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