How To Raccoon Proof a Chimney

A homeowner should always make sure to animal proof their home in a number of different ways, and do consider this to be a home fix it up kind of task, as it is a form of preventive maintenance to keep unwanted animal intruders from making your home into their home too. One of the most pesky, as well as dangerous  wild animals, which can get into a home is no other than raccoons. Some of the most popular of all undesired animal home invaders are no other than squirrels, skunks, woodchucks, and of course raccoons.

Raccoons, skunks, and woodchucks are now considered to be the biggest carriers of the rabies strain that has afflicted the Northeast area in a major way. So, with this said, no one wants any of these undesirable creatures in their home, and part of keeping them out as has been stated here, is only done by animal proofing one’s home. How to raccoon proof your chimney to prevent a raccoon home invasion is crucial. This is because once raccoons do have access to your home, they will probably become very defensive, and could even be dangerous if they have babies hanging around. Therefore, it is important to raccoon-proof your chimney, so these animals don’t have access to get into it and then get in your home to occupy it.

Before you do anything with the chimney of your home, the first thing to do is obvious, trim back any overhanging tree limbs, which are very close to your house in reach. This will help to keep raccoons from climbing down on to your home to begin with, as a start, because these overhanging limbs can prove to be a major pathway for both raccoons and squirrels to reach your attic, chimney, and other forms of nesting places that these wild animals are known to use.

In order to shield the chimney properly, as well as block entrance to any raccoons from the outside, it is highly suggested to either cover the existing chimney with a commercial cap or to screen it properly. It can be screened by using about a one inch of mesh hardware cloth. It is also recommended to replace out and change any boards on your home that is either rotted or is loose. Also, block off any open gaps or small holes that are located around chimneys, air conditioners, or windows of the home to.

Knowing exactly how to raccoon proof your chimney is essential if you want to ensure that straying raccoons don’t go straying into your home from the outside. Doing preventive maintenance and animal proofing is the only way to make this happen. For raccoon removal and proofing call us: 647-977-5890

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