How To Make Your Property Unwelcoming to Raccoons

There are many things you can do if you want to eliminate raccoons from your property. They can be dangerous and they may possibly have rabies so its important that you never get bitten. Also they can make a huge mess. First of all, raccoons usually like to get into your trash so make sure that you tie the bag and the lid is on. If you want to be extra safe then put some weight on top of it. It can even help if you keep your trash inside until it is time to get picked up. Wrap any food in plastic because food is what they are looking for.

Also, since they are nocturnal they try to avoid being in lighted areas so it is a good idea to leave your lights on, or use a motion-sensor if you do not want to leave your lights on all night long. Another nice way to keep them out of your yard is put your sprinklers on, no animal likes to get wet! There is also an anti- raccoon spray to spread on your property. Smells they do not enjoy are hot peppers.

Fences keep them out so if you do not have one build a barrier around your yard, raccoons usually do not jump or climb over things. Be careful though, it is easy for them to dig holes to go underneath. If you have a pet it is also wise to remove their food from the yard into the house. It decreases the risk of your pet getting a disease. If you plan to use a trap, make sure it is legal in your area. If you read and follow all of these tips then it will definitely keep out those raccoons you are so desperately trying to keep away!

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