How To Trap A Raccoon

Raccoons can be found throughout most parts of Ontario including Hamilton. They are highly intelligent, adaptive and cunning animals and hard to get rid of as well. Apart from property damages they might cause they pose a serious health risk as well since they transmit rabies and their feces are the ideal environment for disease.

Since they’re highly intelligent trapping one can be very difficult. It should first be noted that in a lot of states it is illegal to trap and relocate raccoons unless you have a license, so you should first consider turning to a professional. If however you’re to trap the raccoon you should take several factors under consideration.

It’s worst pointing out that racoons are most active during night time and thus this is the ideal time to catch one. Also their activity depends on the part of the US you live in – in southern states they’re active throughout the entire year, while in the north they tend to stay dormant in winter only coming out on mild days.

Use a steel or solid-wall trap and bear in mind it should be the right size to hold the animal. Consider that the size of raccoons varies throughout states but a trap should be generally at least 12x12x32 in size to properly hold the animal.

One can use various types of bait because these animals are omnivors and scavenge for food. However it must be noted that using meat or fish to lure them into the trap could be problematic as it might attract other animals as well – from neighbors’ pet to opossums.

Once you’ve trapped the raccoon you should release it somewhere in the wild since it’s the most humane way to get rid them and holding them as pets is also illegal in a most of the states. Make sure you release it at least 10 miles away from the urban area you caught it in. For raccoon removal and proofing call us: 647-977-5890

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