What Is Raccoon Control?

Raccoon control is the removal and prevention of the nuisance raccoon population in America. Raccoon control is a task that only should be handled by an expert. Laws pertaining to this industry differ state to state, some mandating extermination and others prohibiting it. In most cases, raccoon control is carried out by a company that …

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Danger of Raccoons

Raccoons are no doubt some of the cutest animals to walk the planet. Right from their innocent-looking masked faces up to their bushy tails, coons are sweet-looking creatures indeed. But that’s where the positives end. Raccoons are not only pesky creatures, invading your privacy and creating havoc in your own home, but their intelligence also …

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Most Costly Raccoon Damage

Raccoons are masters of survival. They will do anything to seek good shelter that provides protection from both harsh weather conditions and predators. Despite being known as forest dwellers, raccoons are forced to dwell on sub-urban communities nowadays in search for food. This is where the problem originates as they invade households and cause serious …

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How To Trap A Raccoon

Raccoons can be found throughout most parts of Ontario including Hamilton. They are highly intelligent, adaptive and cunning animals and hard to get rid of as well. Apart from property damages they might cause they pose a serious health risk as well since they transmit rabies and their feces are the ideal environment for disease.

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