How to Remove Raccoon Babies from an Attic

While we enjoy nature, when it clashes with our home space it can create problems. Raccoons in the attic are a common problem. They can cause considerable damage by tearing apart wallpaper and air ducts, and chewing electrical wire insulation, and pose health risks for rabies. While there are professional raccoon removal services, it can also be done by you, as long as you use humane and safe methods.

Problems Baby Raccoons in the Attic

Most of the time, the raccoon in the attic is a female with young. Mother raccoons give birth within a week or two of her having moved in. She takes care of the babies for ten weeks. Then the babies are taken out for foraging.

It’s a common problem to find professional trappers who trap the mother and leave the babies behind. In such cases the babies squeal constantly over two weeks, starve to death and rot away, creating a foul, long-lasting odor. In order to avoid such complications, it’s better to locate and remove the babies first. If an adult female raccoon has been trapped first, it may mean there are babies in the attic.

Removing Babies

First the raccoon litter must be located, while avoiding the ferocious and protective mother. Usually the litter is hard to find, hidden down a wall or down a soffit. You may have to navigate your way along tight turns and walk only on the beams to avoid falling through the ceiling. Look in the furthest corners of the attic to locate the young. You may have to crawl to reach the babies.

Traps cannot be used on baby raccoons that lie clustered in the attic and are not capable of entering the traps. Instead they should be removed by hand.

Wear a pair of thick gloves for raccoon babies have sharp claws. Remove the litter gently into a pillowcase and take them out of the attic. Babies removed timely can be handed over to a wildlife rehabber who will nurture the babies (along with the mother if possible) and release them back into the wild in time. For raccoon removal and proofing in Hamilton call us: 647-977-5890

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