3 Top Raccoon Proofing Tips

This article will discuss the 3 top raccoon proofing tips. Raccoon proof your house by sealing any possible raccoon entry points. This is important if you live in an area with a large raccoon population. Your home design should be raccoon proof. All the windows should be high above ground and must always remain shut.

Put wire mesh on your windows if you need to keep them open. Repair any holes you may have on your walls. Raccoons will easily use such holes as entry points into the home. Put wire mesh at the top of the chimney and on air vents to seal them off. Ensure that the rubbish bin outside the home does not attract raccoons. Raccoons normally forage for food from rubbish bins. Discourage this trait by seal off the rubbish outside the house.

Leftovers should be packed in airtight plastic bags. Hire the services of a reliable rubbish collector. The rubbish collector should pick the rubbish at your home no later than every three days. Purchasing an incinerator is a good idea if you cannot afford the services of a rubbish collection company. Avoid buying food that you do not need to reduce the
amount of food you throw to the rubbish.

It is also a good idea to raccoon proof your garden. Raccoons, like all animals, are in search for some shelter. Discourage raccoons from invading your garden by keeping it clean and tidy. Get a professional gardener to ensure that your garden is always clean. Do not use your garden as a storehouse of old furniture or cars. Raccoons will invade your garden and use such structures as shelter.

Install raccoon traps in your garden. Make sure the fencing around your home has no holes. Repair and seal of any holes you find in your fence. If necessary, talk to a professional to install a new fence around your home.

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